Transcription Services
Welcome to Gibson Realtime Reporting Services. Our goal is to provide a transcript from whatever medium that you use to produce your digital or video recording.

Are you trying to create an e-book or write and publish a book?

Have you created videos on Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, YouTube that you need transcribed or captions created?

We are available to provide transcription services. Do you have a digital recording or video of a presentation, seminar, webinar, etc., that you would like transcribed in order to produce an e-book, publish a book, etc., we can assist you. We can produce a document from your digital or video recording, ready for you to organize your e-book or the book you would like to publish!

Our goal is to always deliver your transcript in a professional and timely manner. We want you, our valued customer, to have a transcript that will help you pursue your goals.
Closed Captions or Open Captions:
Added onto your digital video recordings!
Access for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Audience.


Contact us to get a price quote.
Each job is unique and priced accordingly.

Digital and Video recordings of Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, YouTube, etc., transcribed into a transcript or captions created for videos!