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Learn how to read stenography notes!  This skill will give the potential to work as a court reporter or scopist.  Become a verbatim realtime writer or a scopist who works with court reporters or the State/Federal Court to provide verbatim transcripts.  You will have the ability to transcribe notes using a typewriter, computer, or working with computer software.  Call us for details!  There are four moduals (12 weeks).  Get on our Mailing List.

It is not required that you use the Eclipse CAT Software duirng Stenography Training, but it's highly recommended.  We use Eclipse CAT Software for Court Reporters or Captioners at www.eclipsecat.com. At Advantage Software, you will get the industry-leading CAT and captioning software with updates and unlimited support for as long as you are in the Stenography Training for court reporters or captioners.

Cost for Advantage Software - Eclipse CAT Software:  When you enroll as a student with us, you can purchase the software at a discount!  For the student version of the software, it's required that you are enrolled in a school.  Click here for details.



Trainer:  Teri C. Gibson, RPR, CRR, CRC, CRI 
Professional Court Reporter and Eclipse Trainer

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