Communication Access Realtime Translation Services

- CART Captions for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

At Gibson Realtime Reporting Services in Boston, Massachusetts, we specialize in CART Captioning services applicable to the legal, medical, and scholastic fields and events including:

  • Education CART Services:  Colleges and Universities 
  • General Education
  • Legal Education
  • Medical Education

Conventions, Retreats, Seminars:  Projection CART provided for group settings.

CART Translation Services:
CART Provided in English and translated into another language via Google Translate.  (Contact us for details.)

We provide CART Services for individuals in a variety of settings.  In groups of three or more, it's recommended that Projection CART Captions are provided. Projection CART Captions makes it easier for seminar presenters to communicate their discussion topics for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing audience. The projection equipment can be provided by Gibson Realtime with an additional fee.

CART Captioning Details:

CART services - two-hour minimum duration. Draft transcriptions are charged on a per-hour basis, and are made accessible upon request at the time of booking assignment. We also charge for travel time for jobs located 20+ miles.  Contact us to get a quote.
Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive CART Caption Services.

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